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ShowMeTrend - How it works!

Twitter API (and all Twitter) was down at 06/21.

Probably some Trending Topics was lost. Oh wait, there wasn’t trending topics on Twitter’s Drop.

New feature - Daily Reports

One more feature on ShowMeTrend, Daily Reports, now you can search by date and location and we give you all Trending Topics from that date.

A new search that makes ShowMeTrend a powerful tool for professional Social Media.

New features coming

Some new reports are coming to ShowMeTrend:

- Daily reports with all Trending Topics from this date.
- A daily report with the top 10 from that date.

Hope you like it!

Need partners!

I need any help to keep the ShowMeTrend.

  • Help programmers and designers to improve the appearance of the service and include new features.
  • Help to get good writers to publish content to the site with analysis of the Trending Topics using the potential data ShowMeTrend.
  • Financial assistance in order to keep the costs of operating the service, service expansion costs for recording data from more locations.

Unfortunately the site does not generate any financial return for the moment, but is well accepted and good amount of hits. Anyone interested in getting into a small project as a hobby, fun and recognition, please contact me. Maybe one day this project will not grow and become famous.
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e-mail: admin@showmetrend.com
skype: lelinhoprado

Marshall Kirkpatrick and Robert Scoble liked ShowMeTrend

@marshallk posted that found the ShowMeTrend cool, it accesses the ShowMeTrend soared, soon after @scobleizer retweet the message which has generated a fantastic peak hits.

That’s why it’s nice to take a project like this, recognition of the great figures of the Internet.

I hope they do not die of site visits and other people keep finding the project

Another thing I would like to ask the people who visit the site, is to help me in spreading it, is tweeting or posting on facebook, google plus. The site visits depends on to survive and prove your worth.

Thank you!

Aurélio Carlos

.@lelinhoprado’s ShowMeTrend trending topics tool http://www.showmetrend.com/ is cool